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Subject: Re: Setting background image in fo and html output

On Thu, 07 Feb 2008 18:33:26 +0200, AlChuck <alan.oehler@xxx> wrote:

> There is a way, it's described in Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL - The  
> Complete Guide:
> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/PageDesign.html

   I've read this. I looked at it again, and I still could not figure out a  
way to use background images short of using custom page masters. It seems  
like a lot of hassle just to get the background image in (but I guess  
that's what I'll have to do).

   If I missed something and it's easier than this, please prove me wrong  
and you'll have my gratitude. = )

> I haven't tried it yet for the body part of the page masters but it  
> should
> work the same as with the area-before and area-after sections.
> I'm curious, if you didn't do the header and footer background images as
> described in this chapter, how did you do it?

   I did follow the instructions in  

   I would like the page background images be as modularly overrideable as  
headers and footers are. For example, if in fo/pagesetup.xsl every page  
master had a call to user overridable template (that is by default empty)  
this would be easy. E.g.

     <fo:simple-page-master master-name="blank"
       <xsl:if test="$axf.extensions != 0">
         <xsl:call-template name="axf-page-master-properties">
           <xsl:with-param name="page.master">blank</xsl:with-param>
       <fo:region-body display-align="center"
         <xsl:if test="$fop.extensions = 0 and $fop1.extensions = 0">
           <xsl:attribute name="region-name">blank-body</xsl:attribute>

<!-- if this was actually here it would be easy to insert background  
images: -->
<!-- The same call would naturally be made in region-before and  
region-after -->
<xsl:call-template name="user.page.region">
   <xsl:with-param name="master-name" select="'blank'"/>
   <xsl:with-param name="location" select="'region-body'"/>
<!-- end my insertion -->

       <fo:region-before region-name="xsl-region-before-blank"
       <fo:region-after region-name="xsl-region-after-blank"

<!-- default implementation of this template -->
<xsl:template name="user.page.region"/>

   Of course I can modify fo/pagesetup.xsl myself, but that does not sound  
like such a good idea from maintenance point of view...


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