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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website. docbook v5? Documentation.

Hi Dick.

Dick Hamilton wrote:

> Coincidentally, I've been working on pretty much the same
> thing and have a working, though fragile, attempt at doing
> exactly this.  If you'd like, I can share it with you.


> What I did was to take the website-full.rnc file from the
> distribution (website 2.6.0), point it at docbookxi.rnc
> instead of the local copy of 4.4, fire up emacs in nxml
> mode, and fix problems as they popped up:-).

How pragmatic!

> At this point, I can validate webpages to the point where
> the only syntax errors are from differences between 4.4
> and 5.0 (things like xml:id vs. id, ulink, etc.).

Looks good.
   Keep on doing this until we run out of errors
then submit it?

> There are relatively few changes to the website files
> (most fix references to things in 4.4 that have different
> names in 5.0), and even less to the standard docbook file
> (mainly, I needed to remove the start definition, which
> can't be redefined).  I also renamed the namespace, though
> that may be a mistake; it might be better to leave it as
> docbook and use the version attribute to identify this variant.

Advice please Norm/committee?
What should the ns be for a v5 website?

> I think where it will get entertaining is in the stylesheets,
> which I haven't gotten to yet.  I'm hoping the namespace
> stripping for standard db can be hijacked to work the same
> magic for these stylesheets.

I'm less sure.
1. AFAIK namespaced docbook will become the norm, so it might
be easier to work with the namespaces?

I've downloaded a copy of the namespaced stylesheets from
snapshot, I'll try and work with those.

>> None of it is namespaced so it will need some work.
>> Seems that the website stuff 'carries its own' docbook
>> schema, though I'm not sure how, as yet.

>> I.e. the website schema directory appears to include
>> the (then current) docbook.

Yes. Need to sort this out.
Two issues.
website and website full.

I'll try and work with website if you stick with 'full'?
Hows that?

There is a certain amount of stylesheet work at the outer
level before 'content' is processed internally to the
pages. I'm guessing this is the local stylesheets but
I need to check.

 From memory, website is based on one of the 'minimal'
docbook subsets.
Norm, can you remember?

>> e.g. website full has an include for
>> $Id: docbookx.dtd,v 1.31 2005/01/27 13:52:36 nwalsh Exp $

Yes. That needs to be brought up to v5

> docbookx.dtd is a modified version of 4.4.  I don't know
> the full extent of the modifications; I just know that in
> the rnc version it's missing the start definition, which
> is supplied in website-full.rnc.
>> so it may take some untangling.

> Anyway, if you'd like to see what I've got, drop me a
> line and I'll zip it up and ship it over.  I'm sure
> there are some glitches, but it may be useful.

Issue. before you do, can you identify your 'changed'
items? Perhaps using the
$Id: docbookx.dtd,v 1.31 2005/01/27 13:52:36 nwalsh Exp $
kind of string? At least then we'll know what is


Dave Pawson

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