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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website. docbook v5? Documentation.

John New wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I'm pretty much a general user of the website DTD. The kind of documents 
> I tried to find a while ago when I put my website together using the 
> website DTD were straightforward examples and "how-to" guides. Not so 
> much the technical stuff because, generally speaking, I like things to 
> work without too much trouble.
> I didn't find a lot. The two resources that were most helpful were the 
> "contrived" annotated website example with comments and the website 
> chapter in Bob Stayton's book (of course, I found the entire book 
> excellent for other reasons). These put me on the right track so that I 
> could work out the easiest way to build and, more importantly, 
> automatically update my website.
> Is your documentation going to have some of this higher level general 
> user step-by-step stuff? If you like, I can send you a small document I 
> wrote a while ago that summarises what I tried to do.

My audience is a non geek user, so I'll cover the
new site
add page
del page
mov page

that most users want.
I'll also address building website, from the non geek pov.
Then a small section on file naming /id values since
for this windows user they are causing problems.

What have I missed?


Dave Pawson

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