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Subject: Why is there a page number on my titlepage?


After spending about an hour trying to figure this out, I feel like I'm
still at the point of needing to ask stupid questions.  :)

I'm working on debugging a corporate manual that gets processed into a
print version with DocBook XSL.  We've accumulated a pile of user xsl
that goes with this to do custom formatting, and there's a fair bit more
there than I understand completely.  (Also, for historical reasons,
we're using docbook-xsl-1.69.1, and upgrading will be a major project.)

The short version of the problem is that the title page and second page
of the manual have page numbers "1" and "2" in the footer, and then the
front matter starts with numbers "iii" and so on in the footer.  This
inconsistency is sort of ugly, and ideally we wouldn't have a page
number at all on the title page.

I haven't been able to track down where those page numbers are coming
from; as I understand it, by default there wouldn't be a page number on
the title page at all.  We aren't doing anything that would change the
default footer contents; a grep through our custom FO xsl file turns up
empty.  The only thing I can figure is that our custom page layouts are
somehow not triggering the pageclass=titlepage tests.  If that's true,
these two snippets might be relevant, since they're the main thing that
seems to affect what's chosen for the title page:

>  <fo:page-sequence-master master-name="csl-titlepage">
>    <fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives>
>      <fo:conditional-page-master-reference master-reference="blank"
>                                            blank-or-not-blank="blank"/>
>      <fo:conditional-page-master-reference master-reference="csl-body-first"
>                                            page-position="first"/>
>      <fo:conditional-page-master-reference master-reference="titlepage-odd"
>                                            odd-or-even="odd"/>
> <xsl:template name="select.user.pagemaster">
>  <xsl:param name="element"/>
>  <xsl:param name="pageclass"/>
>  <xsl:param name="default-pagemaster"/>
>  <xsl:choose>
>   <xsl:when test="$default-pagemaster = 'titlepage'">
>    <xsl:value-of select="'csl-titlepage'"/>
>   </xsl:when>
>   <xsl:when test="$default-pagemaster = 'body'
>                   or $default-pagemaster='front'">

There is also a large titlepage xsl file that has a comment at the top
saying, "This stylesheet was created by template/titlepage.xsl".  I
don't see anything in there that looks like it's affecting the page
layout, though.

At this point, I'm not even really sure what I should be looking for to
start asking intelligent questions, and I'd like to avoid doing a
brute-force search through all of our custom XSL cutting out pieces and
recompiling the document until the page numbers disappear.

Suggestions or hints on what I should be looking for?

Thanks muchly!
- Brooks

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