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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Website. docbook v5? Documentation.

> Should the layout.rng be namespaced?
> I think yes:
I agree
> My reasoning.
> All the way through the processing, especially
> chunking, comparisons are made with the xml:id in
> the actual webpage and the 'id' values in
> autolayout.xml?
> 1. This is confusing if one is id and one xml:id
> 2. Brings the whole process chain up to date.
> It does leave the issue of processing what is
>   docbook content(via inclusion) in the docbook ns
> within content which I have put in a different
> namespace - I've used a website namespace. Mmmm.
I don't think this is an issue with layout.rng, but
it is with website.rng.

One approach would be to use the same namespace with
a different version.  Something like:

version="5.0-variant Website-2.6"
version="5.0-extension Website-full-2.6"

The DocBook V5.0 How-to recommends handling variants
this way for exactly this reason.


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