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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] FW: long Tables in docbook using FOP

Mauritz Jeanson wrote, at 2/13/2008 11:35 AM:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Kerry, Richard 
>> And this leads to a question I've been meaning to ask since I 
>> got the tables working......
>> *** Why is the default setting that Long Tables Do Not Work ?
>> This seems to me to be useless in all circumstances.
> I agree. A default value of "auto" for the keep-together.within-column
> property in the table.properties attribute-set is more reasonable.
> The current default value is "always"; it is inherited from
> formal.object.properties.

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus here.  IIUC, we're currently
stuck using 1.69 because of this issue -- because upgrading to the
current version means that our long tables stop working, and even though
it's easy to fix in the current versions of the documents, it would
still break all our archived versions.

- Brooks

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