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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] multiple Xinclude

Stefan, you were right. It had to do with the xml:base attribute. In the 
generated fo file I found that the resulting path is 
xml:base="SECTION_DIR/IMAGES_DIR/image1.svg". It should have been 
xml:base="CHAPTERS_DIR/SECTION_DIR/IMAGES_DIR/image1.svg". I though 
Xinclude will automatically preserve and adjust this path. I am using 
xalan. How can I fix this ??

Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> Mansour wrote:
>> I have a document that use multiple recursive include. Each included 
>> file is in a subdirectory. For example, I have master.docbook that 
>> includes chapter1.docbook which includes section1.docbook which 
>> includes an SVG image file in IMAGES_DIR/image1.svg
>> These files are structured as follows:
>>    master.docbook
>>        chapter1.docbook
>>        SECTIONS_DIR
>>               section1.docbook
>>               IMAGES_DIR
>>                     image1.svg
>> When I compile the file master.docbook to produce pdf the images do 
>> not show, and I get this error during fop:
> [...]
>> However, when I remove the CHAPTERS_DIR and put everything in it with 
>> the same level as master.docbook, things work fine. For example if I 
>> do this:
>>    master.docbook
>>    chapter1.docbook
>>        section1.docbook
>>        IMAGES_DIR
>>            image1.svg
>> Then things are OK. Of course I change the path in the 
>> master.docbook. What am I missing??
> I remember having seen similar issues in the past. URLs are relative 
> to the base URL of the document they appear in, so this info needs to 
> be preserved during xinclude processing (i.e. xml:base attributes have 
> to be added). May be that didn't happen ?
> I'm not sure this is an issue with docbook. It may be with your xslt 
> processor.
> Regards,
>         Stefan

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