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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Problems with <?dbhtml> and graphics.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Christian-Josef Schrattenthaler 
> The images stays in the folder ,images_en', and all HTML 
> files, which are in the root of my directory structure, have 
> no problems, but if a HTML file is not in the root directroy 
> the link to the images must be widened with a  ,../' (or mor, 
> to change in to the right directory), but the links are the 
> same as in the DocBook-XML file.

I think it will work if you set the keep.relative.image.uris parameter to 0.
The default value is 1, which means that relative image URIs are left
untouched. See

In HTML files that are written to subdirectories, image URIs will be
prepended by one "../" string for each directory level.

Your source document has no explicit base URI (there is no xml:base
attribute), and I think the parameter documentation could be clearer about
what the interpretation is in this case. A source document always has a base
URI, but unless it is specified with an xml:base attribute, you don't have
access to it in XSLT 1.0.


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