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Subject: Problem with legalnotice link

I noticed today when using the generate.legalnotice.link option with
the 1.73.2 stylesheets that the href and the filename don't match --
the href has a "ln-" prefix. For example, if the source looks like:

        <legalnotice id="legalnotice">
                Blah blah blah.

Then you end up with a file called legalnotice.html -- but the link in
index.html points to ln-legalnotice.html. Note you still get the extra
"ln-"prefix for the href (but not the filename) even if you don't use
and id and the stylesheets create one.

I can go ahead and enter this as a bug in the sourceforge tracker but
wanted to check here first and see if I'm just missing something.


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