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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Problem with legalnotice link

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ken Morse 
> Thanks for pointing that out, Mauritz. The snapshot does work better,
> although not completely as expected. The snapshot does now generate an
> filename and an href that match; the difference is that the id of
> <legalnotice> no longer seems to be used -- a generated id is used
> even if the <legalnotice> id is set.

Yes, that behaviour is not properly documented anywhere. I'm sorry about
that. The filename is now computed as follows:

1. If a filename is given by the "dbhtml filename" processing instruction,
that filename is used.

2. If the legalnotice has an id/xml:id attribute, and if the
use.id.as.filename parameter != 0, the filename is the concatenation of the
id value and the value of the html.ext parameter.

3. If the legalnotice does not have an id/xml:id attribute, or if
use.id.as.filename = 0, the filename is the concatenation of "ln-",
auto-generated id value, and html.ext value.

> On a somewhat related topic, I've tried using another option for
> controlling the chunk name for legalnotice as outlined in Bob
> Stayton's Book:
> http://sagehill.net/docbookxsl/LegalNotice.html#LegalnoticeFilename
> The direction says "...customize the template that matches the element
> in mode="chunk-filename" as follows..." and then it references a
> template:
> <xsl:template match="legalnotice" mode="chunk-filename">
> I don't see the original version of this template anywhere in the
> distribution though 

There is no original version of this specific template. Before DocBook XSL
1.73.1, it was applied since there was an <xsl:apply-templates
mode="chunk-filename" select="."/> in the template with match="legalnotice"
and mode="titlepage.mode".

But the "Filename of the legalnotice chunk" customization in Bob's book does
not work when using 1.73.1 or later, since legalnotices are no longer
processed using the "chunk-filename" mode. I introduced this change because
generation of separate legalnotices did not work with the nonchunking


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