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Subject: build tools: rake, raven, buildr -- was: [docbook-apps] Ant als buildtool for DocBook documents

>>>>> "OF" == Oliver Fischer writes:

    OF> Hi,

    OF> after some long time I am again working with DocBook.

So, welcome back! :-)

    OF> Now I try to build some document 
    OF> with ant and the xslt task of ant. 
    OF> ant, which uses internally Xalan, tells me,
    OF> that it is not able to compile
    OF> the styleshets (I tried different releases).

    OF> Does here someone have any experience 
    OF> with the xslt task and DocBook's stylesheets?

Looks like your main concern is not Ant but xslt,
but I just use the opportunity here to recommend "rake" as THE UNIVERSAL BUILD TOOL.

You will find "rake" documented at http://rake.rubyforge.org,
and "rake" stands for "Ruby Make",
and it is a DSL extension to ruby,
that means you can write "make-like" rules with ruby instead of shell lines,
but all better than good (?!?) old make itself,
and far better than Ant.
But far simpler to learn and to get going with.

But I actually want to leave that to your own decision, of course.

Actually ...
... if you were seeking ***THE*** ***ALL*** UNIVERSAL BUILD POWER TOOL,
than http://incubator.apache.org/buildr would be the right address for your,
"buildr" standing for "build with ruby".

If you know Maven, that corresponds to Raven (Maven in ruby),
but beyond Maven and Raven that's the sphere, where you find buildr.

The learning curve for buildr might be a little more exhausting than the one for rake,
but there are people around this globe that would agree that it is worth spending that effort.

But I don't want to waste more of your time.


Yes I agree build tools are a little OT here,
but then: we all need them and esp. in this context.

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