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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook website tutorial

Hi Brad.

Brad Tombaugh wrote:
> Dave, that's an excellent overview!  I have a few comments/suggestions:
> - inconsistent use of "docbook" vs. "DocBook"
Thanks. Easy enough to fix.

> - perhaps use "Website" to differentiate the DTD from any arbitrary web 
> site?

Good point.

> - DocBook:TDG is co-authored by Norm Walsh and Leonard Muellner

Sorry Leonard. Will do.

> - Another reason to use Website is that it builds all of the navigation 
> system for you automatically, once you have defined the structure.

(And rebuilds it all when you change the site!)

> For the issue with versions in the directory names, you might suggest 
> making an alias/symbolic link/shortcut instead of renaming the 
> directory? Then you could easily switch versions by changing where the 
> link points?

Which would grow more complex over time?

> I have used Website for some time as well, but use a combination of Make 
> script, xsltproc, and rsync instead of ant. Rsync and xsltproc are 
> standard in Mac OS X, and make is installed as part of the Developer 
> tools,
(on *nix).

  so the only items that need to be installed on OS X are the DTD
> and style sheets. I could send an example script if you are interested.

Part of my choice for ant was cross OS support.
I've no idea if it works on Mac or not.

I'd appreciate any input on that.
Without installing quite a bit of software, the *nix tools aren't
available to Windows users, so I'm reluctant to even mention them.
Recall the reader is the non-geek?

Thanks Brad.



Dave Pawson

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