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Subject: Starting a page sequence at the section level


We have a document of the following structure:

When generating PDF, we would like to use a specific
page setup for one of the deep sections that needs to
be in two-column mode, whereas the rest of the book
(all other divisions and sections) should be in one
column mode.

If I'm correct, this means generating a page-sequence
in FO output at the section level (and then starting
another page-sequence at the next section).

Is this possible, using Docbook-xsl (version 1.73.2)?

Apparently only chapters (for our document) start
page sequences, and not sections which are rendered
as blocks under fo:flow started at the chapter level.

What would be the best (and lightest) customization
approach to achieve this goal?

Many thanks for any input.

Emmanuel Bégué

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