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Subject: cmdsynopsys + command + arg customization


I'm have a command line example with long parameters list which is
broke in the pdf format. I added the <sbr/> to break the line in more
logical place.
Now i'm trying to make a rest of the line to be indented i.e instead
this output:

MyCommand.exe /param1 /param2 /param3

I want this one:
MyCommand.exe /param1 /param2 /param3

Preferably i want to param4 to be started aligned with the /param1,
but i will live with just some kind of indentation.
I was able to indent the single arg using this approach:

<xsl:template match="arg[@role='ident4']">
    <fo:block text-indent="0.5in">

But what should i do with the following ? :

MyCommand.exe /param1 /param2 /param3
       /param4 /param5 /param6

It's possible to do something like this :

                <arg choice='plain'>/Execute</arg> <arg
                <arg choice='plain'>/TestProject|t
            <para role="ident4">
                <arg>/LogOutput|o <replaceable>file-name</replaceable></arg>
                <arg>/LogFormat|l <group>
and change the template match to <xsl:template match="para[@role='ident4']">
This produce the desired output but but require to put <para> block
around all other commands as well to keep the formating similar i,e
<command> translated to bold when used inside <para> block.
So i wander if any other way to do this ?

Thanks in advance,

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