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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XInclude without xml:base

Thomas Schraitle wrote:

> There *may* be an option in your XML parser or XInclude processor, 
> because "An XInclude processor may, at user option, suppress xml:base 
> and/or xml:lang fixup." [see 4.5 Creating the Result Infoset] So you 
> should check the available options.

Note, however, the 'may', in conjunction with 'suppress'.
By default a processor is expected to make sure relative URLs continue 
to be valid (i.e. pointing to the same resource as prior to the inclusion).

This has to work with any XInclude processing, whether XSLT is involved 
or not. I strongly believe the issue is with the XML / XSLT processor 
doing the xinclusion. User intervention shouldn't be required.



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