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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XInclude without xml:base

Thomas Schraitle wrote:

>> In each directory there's a docbook file to be included in the upper
>> level  document.  So, I have in section1.xml and XInclude with a
>> reference to images/image1.svg, now the issue is the final generated
>> "FO" has xml:base "section/images" only.
> Do I understood it right: The FO file contain xml:base attributes? Where 
> do they came from? I never saw this happen.

If a.xml includes subdir/b.xml, the anchor node holding the b.xml 
document inside the result set has to get xml:base="subdir/b.xml". It's 
the xml processor (in this case, xslt processor) which has to do this.

(That is the paragraph you cited in your other mail.)

And more often than not, that's exactly what is broken. (xsltproc has 
some bugs, and apparently saxon has, too)



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