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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XInclude without xml:base

Thomas Schraitle wrote:

>> If a.xml includes subdir/b.xml, the anchor node holding the b.xml
>> document inside the result set has to get xml:base="subdir/b.xml". It's
>> the xml processor (in this case, xslt processor) which has to do this.
> Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but that was not my point. The *FO* shouldn't 
> get a xml:base, right? :) 
> For me, it looked like the original poster described a final FO file 
> containing a xml:base attribute (see above).

I only see two possibilities to deal with relative URLs: Either they get 
explicitely adjusted by the fo generator, or they keep their original 
value. In the latter case the xml:base attribute has to be preserved, or 
the fo processor won't be able to locate the resources.

In the fo output I have looked at (generated with xsltproc / 
docbook-xsl) the xml:base attribute is still present, albeit wrong in 
certain cases.



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