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Subject: indexterm and FOP


The docbook DTD allows the element indexterm as a direct
child of section or chapter; however, if we do that, the
index is correctly built by the stylesheets, but the target
elements that are direct children of section or chapter
(original indexterm elements) are discarded by FOP, which
then complains of unfound references.

A simple solution to this problem is to enclose indexterm
elements with para elements: in that case the targets
are not discarded and the index works fine.

But, then there is another problem: big white spaces in
the PDF output where the "wrapper" para elements were.

So the question is:

- is there a way to tell FOP to not allow white space
  or space before / after for paragraphs that have no
  visible content?

- or, is there another "wrapper element" that can be
  used to hold indexterm elements under sections?


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