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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Request For Clarification: Indexterm processingin auto-index generation.

Jirka Kosek wrote:

> There is no contradiction. Your document will be read by humans. In many 
> cases (I'm not saying in all, so might be your indexing needs are really 
> different) human can't start reading in the middle of paragraph after 
> he/she followed link from index. Instead you usually need to be aware of 
> context. If the link from index leads to whole enclosing section you can 
> easily get context and then get better understanding of particular place 
> of text where indexterm originally occured. Of course this works well, 
> if your sections are small. If your sections are 50 pages long, this 
> approach is not very useful.

And that is the problem Jirka. Ideally, the link would be to the nearest
top of page. Moving back to the section start is plain wrong IMHO, it is
too much of a generality.


Dave Pawson

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