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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] FO processor support


Norman Walsh wrote:
> As I work on porting the XSLT 1.0 stylesheets to XSLT 2.0, I find
> workarounds, mostly for FOP and PassiveTeX scattered throughout. Does
> anyone know if these are still necessary?

I had a look at the 1.73.2 stylesheets and can provide some details 
about the workarounds still needed by the FOP 1.x branch (version 0.93 
and later). Having found no development targetted list on Sourceforge 
I guess this list is the appropriate one.

I worked from the released 1.73.2 version of the stylesheets. I made 
a grep for ‘fop.extensions’ in the fo/*.xsl files and the line numbers 
given below correspond to the lines where this term was found. If for 
whatever reason the lines don’t match they can be retrieved by searching 
for ‘fop.extensions’ from the beginning of each file.

There’s nothing to add that’s specific to the fop1.extensions parameter; 
this means that, either the fop.extensions parameter is present at the 
same place and the comment available for this parameter also applies to 
the fop1 parameter. Or the specific behaviour that’s implemented at that  
place must be kepts as is.

The results are in the attached text file. If there’s any question, just 

I hope this helps,

Vincent Hennebert                            Anyware Technologies
http://people.apache.org/~vhennebert         http://www.anyware-tech.com
Apache FOP Committer                         FOP Development/Consulting
l.50: FOP now supports the url(...) syntax

l.687: margin is handled correctly

l.138: FOP does not support floats yet. The workaround is still needed

l.149: same as admon.xsl, url(...) syntax supported

l.270: AFAIU this is to produce the bookmark tree. No longer needed since FOP 
       0.93+ supports the XSL-FO 1.1 bookmark feature

l.22: baseline-shift is now supported

l.608: same as admon.xsl, url(...) syntax supported

l.41: table-layout="fixed" is still required by FOP 0.93+
l.123: the column-width="x%" syntax is now supported
l.135: is the purpose to add default fo:table-column elements if they can't be 
       generated from the DocBook source (no col/colgroup specification)? Then 
       this is not needed by FOP 0.93+ which, if no fo:table-column elements are 
       specified, will create the appropriate number of columns for the table 
       content, all with the same proportional width.

l.308: same as footnote.xsl, baseline-shift is now supported
l.339: idem
l.1047: FOP doesn't support a list of font families yet, so it's probably safer 
        to leave it as is.

l.80: must be left, still not supported by FOP
l.1643: idem
l.1738: must be kept, relative-align not yet supported
l.1752, 1766, 2062, 2076, 2090: idem
l.2293: can be removed, start-indent now well supported

l.7397, body.start.indent.frag: can be removed, start-indent now well supported
l.8029, title.margin.left.frag: idem

l.889, l.961: must be kept, not working yet

l.225: FOP 0.93+ supports fo:bookmark-tree

l.183: should work with FOP 0.93+
l.462: must be kept, auto table layout not supported yet
l.593: idem
l.1011: should work with FOP 0.93+

l.932: must be kept, relative-align not yet supported

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