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Subject: Breaking long words and breaking on special characters


I've got an issue where field names (e.g. PIF_TXO_PN[7:0]) are overrunning table cell boundries rather than wrapping. From the reading that I've done, it looks as if the only solution when dealing with long words that have no natural hyphenation break (e.g. REFCLKBPN) is to insert soft breaks, I was hoping to find a way of defining the underscore (_) character as a good place to break, since that would take care of a good 95% of my problem areas.

I've read the documentation available for offo hyphenation patterns, and can't see anything applicable there. Either FOP or the XSL stylesheets must have something like this in place, tho, because it already breaks lines on the backslash (/) figure; I just want to add the same function for the underscore.

I'm using Docbook 5 (relaxNG), XSL 1.73.2, and FOP 0.93. 

Thanks in advance for any guidance,

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