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Subject: Announce: Synopsis 0.10 released

[Even though the following is only tangential to DocBook itself, I'd 
like to post it here as Synopsis is one of the few tools that target 
DocBook itself, so I figure it may interest some of the audience here.]

I'm happy to announce the release of Synopsis 0.10.

About Synopsis

Synopsis is a multi-language source code introspection tool that
provides a variety of representations for the parsed code to enable
further processing such as documentation extraction, reverse
engineering, and source-to-source translation.


A lot of work has gone into this project over the last couple of months,
yielding (among others) these features:

* More information is captured, for example relationships between
   primary class templates and their specializations / instantiations.

* The storage of source-code cross-references has been simplified and
   integrated into the Internal Representation (IR), leading to a much
   more intuitive and convenient user interface.

* The Python parser has been largely rewritten, adding support
   for parsing of dependent (imported) files / modules.

* The DocBook formatter has been rewritten. It now supports Javadoc and
   ReST document markup, too.

* The HTML formatter has been enhanced in many respects. Many bugs have
   been fixed.

* The C and C++ parsers have been enhanced, and many bugs have been

* Some new ASG processors have been added (MacroFilter, TypedefFolder,
   et al.)

* Documentation has been much enhanced.

Here are some examples for online documentation generated with Synopsis:

Synopsis' own C++ API: http://synopsis.fresco.org/docs/Manual/cxx/
Synopsis' own Python API: http://synopsis.fresco.org/docs/Manual/python/
Boost.Python (and dependent) C++ API: http://synopsis.fresco.org/bpl/

Synopsis may be built with boost; it will depend on boost.filesystem,
boost.wave, and boost.python in that case.



       ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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