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Subject: Adding processing based on an attribute value

Hi all,

I'm using Docbook XSL 1.73.2 and FOP 0.93. 

Is there any straightforward way of checking to see if every element in a document has a specific attribute attached, and if, so adding some additional attributes to its block or inline element in the FO output, and doing this without having to rewrite vast stretches of the stylesheets?

The basic need is that in my current PDF output, my reviewers have no way of knowing if the content they're viewing is aimed at a specific audience (small parts of many documents are specific to certain suppliers or customers), so I'd like to cycle through every element and add some styling to the block or inline element (i.e. make it red) in the event that it is audience-specific. So far I can't find any way of doing this that doesn't involve a mass of element-level modifications, to the point where my modification layer basically contains most of the FO stylesheets.

Am I overcomplicating this? Any advice on a more intelligent approach would be appreciated.


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