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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Fall back to network DTD if local one not found


On Donnerstag, 20. März 2008, John Brown wrote:
> [...]
> I can then 'set SGML_CATALOG_FILES=catalog.xml'

That seems fishy to me. Libxml supports two kinds of catalogs:

* The (older) SGML catalogs. If you use SGML catalogs, set the env 

* XML catalogs which is superior than SGML catalogs. If you use XML 
catalogs, set the env variable XML_CATALOG_FILES

However, in your case, you seem to use *XML* catalog, so 
SGML_CATALOG_FILES is wrong. Did you try it with the env variable 

> [...]
> 'xmllint --catalogs --valid --noout book2.xml' executes quickly,

I can't recommend the --catalog option. According to --help:

--catalogs : use SGML catalogs from $SGML_CATALOG_FILES
                     otherwise XML Catalogs starting from

Maybe xmllint is confused, because it expects SGML catalog files, but you 
gave him XML catalog files. Use either of them, but not a mixture. :)

> Clearly, it is not trying to access the network DTD. My connection
> is working, otherwise I couldn't post this message.
> How can I get it to try the local DTD first, and then the network DTD
> if it fails?

I haven't look much in the details, but maybe debug your *XML* catalog 
first. You can do this with xmlcatalog (one line):


The above line outputs the path to your local DTD. If you get "No entry 
for ..." then you should look into your XML catalog again.

You can also debug the catalog processing with the environment variable 
XML_DEBUG_CATALOGS. In this case, xmllint is a bit more verbose. :)

Hope these ideas help a bit,

Thomas Schraitle

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