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Subject: Website: Problem using olinks across websites

I maintain a web site as a collection of DocBook websites, each with its 
own layout and its own TOC. I want to replace the old ulinks with 
olinks. The olinks are working fine within each website, but olinks 
across websites fail to resolve. Here's how TDG says to do it:

"Once you have the targets database, you can pass its pathname to the 
XSLT processor using the target.database.document stylesheet parameter. 
This database is in addition to (and separate from) the olink database 
that resolves olinks between webpages in your website. The database of 
internal olinks is identified with the website.database.document 
parameter. When the processor encounters an olink, it first checks the 
website database before consulting the offsite database."

All right, here's how I've been trying to implement it:

1. In my ant script, after building the layouts, I transform each 
website in turn. In addition to setting collect.xref.targets='yes' and 
declaring the current docid, I specify both the website.database and 
target.database documents, like this:

  <target name="doWebsite.home">
     <java ...
       <arg line="collect.xref.targets='yes'" />
       <arg line="current.docid='homeSite'" />
       <arg line="target.database.document='olinksitemap'"/>
       <arg line="website.database.document='website.database.xml'" />

It seems the

2. Meanwhile, I've created olinksitemap by hand. It includes the 
website.database.document for each website, like this:

   <dir name="build">
     <document  targetdoc="homeSite">
       <xi:include href="website.database.xml" />
     <dir name="schedule">
       <document  targetdoc="scheduleSite">
         <xi:include href="schedule/website.database.xml" />

3. Finally, the olinks themselves. I've tried a couple of forms. For 
example, here's an olink to a homeSite page from within a scheduleSite 

  <olink targetdoc="about" targetptr="about"/>
  <olink targetdoc="homeSite" targetptr="about"/>

The first is the recommended form where 'about' is the id of the 
webpage.  It does not resolve at all. The second is the conventional 
(non-website) form, but seems doomed because there is no book or any 
document with the id "homeSite". Encouragingly, it finds the title - but 
alas, the wrong url:

   <a href="../#about" class="olink">About this site</a>

fwiw, here's the corresponding code in the website database:

    <document targetdoc="about" baseuri="about.html">
       <div element="webpage" href="#about" number="" targetptr="about" 
          <ttl>About this site</ttl>

Am I anywhere near the right track, or completely off? Any working 
examples of cross-website olinks?


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