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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Including external documents


if your appendix don't need to be tightly integrated in the document
(not appear in table of contents, no xrefs, etc.), there is a simple
solution that consists in sticking the resulting PDFs together using
pdftk for example. No need for complex pagemasters...

Camille (quick'n dirty mode).

John Brown wrote:
> Hello all,
> I want to have an appendix which includes forms, contracts, etc.  These
> documents were created in Microsoft Word. I want their appearance to be
> exactly the same as in Microsoft Word. Specifically, I do not want to see:
> Appendix A: Confidentiality Agreement
> I hereby agree that I will  ...
> [rest of agreement]
> Instead, I want "Appendix A: Confidentiality Agreement" on a page
> by itself with the usual headers and footers, followed by the agreement, 
> without any headers and footers.
> I converted a form to PDF and put it in an imageobject, but I need to stop
> DocBook from adding page numbers, inserting titles, etc.
> Is this possible?
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