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Subject: Columns in index of article, with docbook-xsl-ns


I'm trying, without success, to get a multi-column index in a DocBook

After a lot of searching I found that the index page-master isn't used
for an article.  If I switch to a book it works, but then I get loads of
extra page breaks and empty pages that I don't want (and what I write
feels more like an article than a book).

I do have the index on a page for itself.  Can I specify a page-master
from my titlepages specification?  Or can I specify a number of column
in some way that don't require the use of a page-master?

I'm using DocBook 5.0, docbook-xsl-ns-1.73.2, and fop 0.94.

Rasmus Kaj <kaj@kth.se>

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