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Subject: RE: Make better use of IDs in the HTML stylesheets?

Jirka Kosek [mailto:jirka@kosek.cz] wrote:

> The problem is that some older HTML browsers do not suppot ID 
> attributes 
> and it is thus necessary to emit <a name="..."/>. You can't have ID 
> attribute with the same value on different element.

I wonder, is support for such old browsers really still relevant? Is
anyone out there still surfing the Web with Netscape 3? Who really cares
if a link doesn't work in that browser?

It is one thing to ensure that *if* someone happens to open the output
in an older browser, it doesn't completely crash or go into an infinite
loop. But it is quite another to support every little ancient feature
that has long been superseded by better methods.

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