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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Re: Including external documents

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi John,
> The block-container with the zero-length fo:leader is generated by the
>  processing instruction. I would suggest you
> just remove that. The dbfo-need mechanism does not work in FOP, and a
> zero-height value should have no effect anyway.

I can assure you that dbfo-need works, even with height="0".
Maybe it is because I am using fop-trunk r642927 (2008-03-31) and not fop-0.94.

> The page break should come
> automatically because the image is too big to fit in the space remaining on
> the first page and will be forced to the next page. Or from the
> break-before attribute you add.

There is no page break unless I add one. If I do not, then the page has "Appendix A"
at the top, followed immediately by the PDF, which is cropped to fit on the page.

> Regarding the attributes, I'm not sure which customization layer I provided.
> 8^)

One that used a role to select new page-masters without headers and footers
depending on the value of the role attribute.

> One approach might be to add a template like this (untested):
>  break-after="page" start-indent="0" end-indent="0">
> This will match only on a mediaobject contained in your special appendix.
> It outputs a block wrapper with the necessary values, and then generates the
> normal mediaobject output in it by using xsl:apply-imports.
> Bob Stayton
> Sagehill Enterprises
> bobs@sagehill.net

Unfortunately, it does not work.
When I saw that the fo seemed to be exactly the same as before, I took the liberty
of giving your template a name:
>                       match="mediaobject[ancestor::appendix[@role = 'external-doc']]">
I then ran xsltproc --verbose ... and redirected to a file. 'mediaobject.nomargins'
does not appear anywhere in the file. In particular:

'$ grep "applying xsl:template" results.txt  | grep mediaobject' produces the following:

applying xsl:template 'select.mediaobject.index'
applying xsl:template 'mediaobject.filename'
applying xsl:template 'mediaobject.filename'
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