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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] About Index chapter title

On 19 avr. 08, at 10:56, Jacques Foucry wrote:

> On 29 janv. 08, at 20:51, Bob Stayton wrote:
>> The param: mechanism in the title page spec file passes parameters  
>> to the named template.  Does your named template chapappendix.title  
>> declare a parameter named "pagewide", and then do something with  
>> the value?  Something like:
>> <xsl:template name="chapappendix.title">
>> <xsl:param name="pagewide" select="0"/>
> I had this param in my template.
>> and inside the template just after the fo:block opens, something  
>> like:
>> <xsl:if test="$pagewide != 0">
>>  <xsl:attribute name="span">all</xsl:attribute>
> And this exactly as you said but...
>> The span="all" on a block will cause it to span both columns in the  
>> two column layout.
> I know that the test is true because I've :
>        <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="chap.title.properties">
>            <xsl:if test="$pagewide != 0">
>                <xsl:attribute name="span">all</xsl:attribute>
>                <xsl:text>FooBar</xsl:text>
>            </xsl:if>
>            <xsl:apply-templates select="$node" mode="title.markup"/>
>        </fo:block>
> And the FooBar appears juste before the word "Index" but still right  
> align on the first column.
> My titlepage spec define, for index, the pagewide param, set to 1.

I found new element in errors output :

I made a new book project from oXygen template. I add some indexterm  
and generate a PDF using my custom stylesheet with  <xsl:attribute  

The title "Index" still on the right of the first column but :

         [warning] 'span' attribute on block ignored because the  
element is not a direct child of a flow

I've change fo:block to fo:wrapper (as I found in Bob's book) in my  
chappendix.title template. The error disappeared but all my chapter  
title are left aligned.

Thanks for you help,


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