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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook to Microsoft Help File - all linked files being included

2008/5/2 Kerry, Richard <richard.kerry@siemens.com>:
> I've just been working on a document and I find some behaviour I'd like to
> stop.
> I'm writing some instructions for a process.
> Part of the instructions concerns software to install and I've included
> <ulink> elements pointing to a selection of zip files.
> This is all fine when generating a single html file or a pdf.  The resulting
> files are reasonable in size and the links are genuine links on the web, or
> links to one of our local servers.
> However, when I generate a Microsoft compiled html help file, all the zip
> files are included in the resultant chm file.  Which as a result is very
> much larger than the other two formats (16Mb against a few hundred Kb).  I
> would like to stop this happening.
> Of course the whole point of a chm file is that it is a mini web-site all in
> one file, but for some items, which start off as DocBook <ulink> elements
> I'd like this not to happen.
> Can I put anything in the DocBook source to stop this happening ?
> Or is there something I can do when calling hhc ?
> Appreciatively,
> Richard.

As the MS HTML Compiler will include anything it finds, move the .zip
files away from their current location so they cannot be found.

Richard Quadling
Zend Certified Engineer : http://zend.com/zce.php?c=ZEND002498&r=213474731
"Standing on the shoulders of some very clever giants!"

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