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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Adding namespace to <html> in xhtml

Dave Pawson wrote:

> Brett Gossage wrote:


> >    <?import namespace="m" implementation="#MathPlayer"?>

> > The namespace "m" must have been defined in the <html> element
> > (assuming IE).

> Why do you think that? a PI doesn't have such semantics AFAIK

  But it could be.  For instance, attribute values neither have any
link to bound namespace prefixes.  But one can define the allowed value
for an attribute that way.  For instance:

    <xs:element name="e" type="xs:string"/>


  But I agree that would be a rather poor design for a processing

  To answer the question Brett, you have to find where the root html
element is created in the stylesheets, and add the right namespace node
in some way.  But as Dave suggested, just make sure you really want to
do that.



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