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Subject: It works quite nicely, but how about getting it printed ?


	I was wondering if anyone had an advice for a good (*) low-volume 
print-on-demand service in Europe(**) ?

(*) good quality, fast, cheap, extra points for having ISO B5, Crown 
Quarto or equivalent paper sizes.
(**) or able to deliver to France in my case.

	I hope my post won't be considered completely off-topic, since I use a 
(home-built and customized) "xsltproc + DocBook XSL + FOP" toolchain to 
produce manuals that we'd like to print. I think this information could 
be valuable to others on this list, and I'll share my experience.

	We've tried Lulu.com with mixed results : the choice of book types and 
formats is good, the quality of the result is good, but the delay is not 
that good.  The really bad part is that sometimes we'd get a partial 
delivery only some books and not others (we have multiple manuals and we 
update them often). For a reason unknown at this time some PDF are not 
accepted by the printer (at the Lulu.com European partner located in 
Spain, it seems). It is not the (quite classic it seems) font embedding 
problem (all fonts are reported by Adobe Acrobat Reader as "Embedded"). 
This problem is handled quite poorly by Lulu.com: you are not 
automatically notified of this kind of problems, you have to  notify 
them about the missing book, they start a refund procedure but you have 
to manual reorder the missing books. The 3-4 weeks turn-around time 
between an order and a partial delivery hasn't allowed me to do any kind 
of debugging, and Lulu.com currently doesn't have any details or 
explanations for the problem.

Mathias Brossard

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