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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using Schematron to define templates

Dick Hamilton wrote:
> I'm working on a DocBook template for a documentation project
> plan, and it occurred to me that once I have a template defined,
> I could create a set of Schematron assertions to check that an
> instance conforms to the template.

How do you define 'conforms to the template Dick'?

> I would want the instance to be valid DocBook at all times,

DTD/rng validation.

> would use Schematron to check for things like the presence of
> required sections, the sequence of sections, the presence of
> required metadata, and so forth.

so these are 'non grammar' based checks? Call it business rules or
something like that. Structure rules perhaps?

> Has anyone on the list used Schematron for something like this,
> and if so how did it go?

As you write the template, consider the related 'rules' you
want to enforce and add another 'rule' to your Schematron file?

> I'd also be interested in any thoughts anyone has about the
> appropriateness of using Schematron versus other methods (e.g.,
> modifying the RelaxNG) for this purpose.

Sounds just right. In fact just the sort of usage that
Schematron was defined for?


Dave Pawson

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