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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] link linkend xlink:href olink and xinclude, v5


On Montag, 26. Mai 2008, Dave Pawson wrote:
> Scenario
> docbook book. v5
> Each chapter and appendix is a seperate file xincluded into the main
> book.xml
> I want to link to a glossterm, in appendix A, from chapter 4.
> My processing model is to expand xincludes, validate with Jing
> then transform the 'included' version using docbook.
> <link linkend='xml:id value'>hot text</link> works

This should work, although it's a bit unusual in my opinion. Why not using 
xrefs? :)

> <link
> xlink:href='glossary.html#gloss.validation.candidate'>candidates</link>
> works (but seems brittle)

Yes, but I can not recommend it (it is dangerous, because when 
glossary.html disappears or renamed, you'll have a problem).

> I'm guessing olink works too.

IMHO this is only worth the hassle if you want your xincluded documents 
validate independently from your main document.

> but I guess we are getting to the point where
> we have quite a few ways of linking between 'chunks' now.

Maybe. :)

Have you tried glossterm as an inline element? In [1] there is a helpful 

Good luck!

Hope that helps,

[1] http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/LinkToGlossary.html

Thomas Schraitle

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