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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] link linkend xlink:href olink and xinclude, v5

Thomas Schraitle wrote:

> Maybe the whole confussion comes also from different terms? Cross 
> references are internal and links are a more general term (at least
> to my understanding of these two words, correct me if I'm wrong).

This docbook more than English.
cross reference is a subset of link perhaps?
A cross reference is implemented as a link so from my view
they are 'the same' (roughly).

>>> 4. <olink ...>...</olink>
>>> If you want to create a link across document bounderies, this is
>>> the preferred method. However, it comes at a cost: you can't
>>> validate it in the validation step. They can only be checked 
>>> during the transformation.
>> Or, as I do, expand the xIncludes then validate.
>> User choice I guess.
> Hmn, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you use olinks instead of XIncludes?

1. Write in chapters, using xInclude.
2. Expand xInclude using xmllint
3. Validate using Jing
4. Transform using docbook.

No olinks used.
(Made easy using an ant build file)


Dave Pawson

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