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Subject: Re: background image on the titlepage

Nancy Brandt <nancy_brndt <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi folks!
> I am writing in  Docbook XML compiling documents with
> XSLTPROC and FOP 0.94. 
> I would like to customize the titlepage by adding a
> background image to it. The definition of the
> titlepage is located in the pagesetup.xsl
> http://docbook.xml-doc.org/snapshots/xsl/fo/pagesetup.xsl
> The problem with pagesetup.xsl is that when I only
> need to customize, let's say, the titlepage-first 
> master page, I need to copy the whole set of master
> pages to my customization layer, and that's a huge
> amount of redundant code. Otherwise, compilation
> fails. Could you please explain how to customize only
> the titlepage-first  master page within the set?
> Big thanks!  
> Nancy

1) Did you try importing pagesetup.xml into your customisation layer?

<xsl:import href="/path/to/pagesetup.xml"/>

<!-- Now customise titlepage-first -->
<xsl:template ... >

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