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Subject: Conversion Problem between FO File to PDF Format using Slides DTD


I'm currently working on using DocBook for re-creating our documents and training materials due to its conveniences.

While I was able to transform DocBook books and articles into PDF format, I encountered a problem converting DocBook slides into that format. Error was due to the duplication of ID's; "N10015" ID was already in use. I checked the generated FO file and saw that all the other <fo:page-sequence> and <fo:block> tags, as well, indeed have the same ID's. How can the problem be remedied?

I'm using docbook-slides-3.4.0,  docbook-xsl- 1.74.0, and  fop-0.94-bin-jdk1.4.  Would  greatly appreciate any help.


Tina Galve

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