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Subject: DocBook to text


I'm a little bit lost about which DocBook to text solution works
best. With the DocBook XSL stylesheets, I can generate HTML and
use a text based web client for rendering HTML to text. So far,
I'm not satisfied:

elinks (0.11.3), html2text (1.3.2a), links (2.1pre36) and lynx
(2.8.7dev9) all fail on UTF-8 or tables or both, which is - sad.
The only text based web browser, which both support UTF-8 (e.g.
for Chinese, Hebrew etc.) and tables is w3m (0.5.1).

The output of this combination is not bad, but compared with the
output of older SGML tools, let alone hand-crafted text, it
still looks clumsy. E.g. I would like to have a left margin for
<para> etc., or underlined <section>/<title>.

My question: Are there any other solutions around? Requirements
are: support of UTF-8 incl. CJK/RTL, tables, <book>, <article>,
and <refentry>, free software, and runs on Linux. Maybe setting
some parameters and overwriting some templates is all it needs?

Many thanks in advance!

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