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Subject: Landscape table being moved to next page


   With the docbook xml at the end of this post, when rendering pdf the  
landscape table is being rendered on the page following the text even  
though it seems it would fit just fine on the same page.

   Environment: docbook-xsl 1.73.2, saxon 6, java 1.5.0_15, fop 0.95

   Relevant parameters:

use.extensions=1 fop1.extensions=1 tablecolumns.extension=1

   Is this a feature or a bug? Is there something I can do to keep the  
table on the same page?


	<title>A sample chapter</title>
		<title>Turned list example</title>
		<para>One can also turn a table landscape so that the chapter is still  
in portrait. </para>
		<informaltable orient="land" frame="none" colsep="0" rowsep="0">
			<tgroup cols="7">
				<?dbhtml cellspacing="0" ?>
				<?dbhtml cellpadding="1" ?>
				<colspec colname="1" align="right" colwidth="16mm"/>
				<colspec colname="2" align="right" colwidth="18mm"/>
				<colspec colname="3" align="right" colwidth="18mm"/>
				<colspec colname="4" align="right" colwidth="18mm"/>
				<colspec colname="5" align="right" colwidth="14mm"/>
				<colspec colname="6" align="right" colwidth="14mm"/>
				<colspec colname="7" align="right" colwidth="14mm"/>
					<row rowsep="1">
						<entry namest="1" nameend="7" align="center"> </entry>
					<row rowsep="1">
						<entry> </entry>

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