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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook 5, xinclude and xpointer

xpointer specification came never to a clear final status. XXE itself 
uses an enhanced xp parser to handle xpointer and the only other tool I 
know of that is able to handle xpointer to this extend is xmllint/xsltproc.

So I let xsltproc/xmllint do the job of preprocessing the main file for 
resolving the xincludes.

    xmllint.exe --version --timing --postvalid  --recover  --xinclude -o 
main-doc_resolved.xml main-doc.xml 2> error_val.log

Postvalidation is important (it switches to validate the document only 
after resolving is done)!

If further more you make use of profiling, you should switch to a 
2-stage preprocessing scenario, because a pre-profiled document is 
likely not to validate:

   1. resolve xincludes and profile (profiling with xsltproc is very fast)
   2. validate the resolved and profiled document

1:    xsltproc.exe --version --timing --novalid --xinclude --output 
main-doc_profiled_resolved.xml profile.xsl main-doc.xml 2> error_prof.log
2:    xmllint.exe --version --timing --recover --noout 
main-doc_profiled_resolved.xml 2> error_val.log

I guess many of us are looking forward to XProc, which targets exactly 
these issues.

Hope you understand my approach,

mjatromp wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get a publish flow going using xalan and fop. When
> encountering partial includes generated by XXE, xerces fails to resolve an
> xpointer like:
>     <para><xi:include href="variables.xml"
>     xpointer="element(docid)" /></para>
> This seems to be a limitation in xerces. How is this resolved in a way that
> is platform independent? xmllint will work, but is a pain to get running on
> windows.
> Marcel
> --

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