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Subject: How to generate TOC for article/appendix (using FOP)

Hello all,

I'm making PDF output from a docbook xml source for an article, and am
currently experimenting with generating a toc for an appendix in that

To that end, I inserted the following statements in a xsl-customization

<xsl:param name="generate.toc"> \
		appendix  toc,title \
		article   nop \
		article/appendix   toc,title \
		book      nop \
		chapter   nop \
		part      nop \
		preface   nop \
		qandadiv  nop \
		qandaset  nop \
		reference nop \
		section   nop \
		set       nop </xsl:param>

The PDF output looks nice when viewed with acrobat reader, but it
doesn't have the so-desired toc.

I've tried several variations on the above customization instruction,
which all have the expected effect except when the appendix is concerned.

Does anybody have an idea what's wrong?
I've been using:

- docbook 4.5
- xsl stylesheets 1.74.0
- fop 0.94 (under Linux)

Thanks in advance for your attention,

Erik Leunissen

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