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Subject: Re: background image for the rear cover page

Nancy Brandt <nancy_brndt <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> Hello my friends,     Owing to your various suggestions, and to Bob Stayton's
book, I have successfully created a front cover page (with a background image)
by customizing the titlepage-first pagemaster in pagesetup.xsl. Now, I would
like to create a rear cover page by putting a background image on the last page
in a document. Does anybody have an idea how to do it? I haven't seen any
template which handles the last document page.     Please advise!     Thanks in
advance   Nancy 

Please see this thread:

I was provided with a customisation that allowed me to add a mediaobject
that would take up an entire page (all headers, footers, and margins were
suppressed). My need was to add documents created in Microsoft Word and
Excel to my DocBook document. I achieved this by converting them to PDF
and adding them as mediaobjects.

The thread is long, but that is mainly because I am a newbie.

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