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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] customizing space before refsect elements

Bob Stayton wrote:
> You can customize all titles that are not covered by special attribute
> sets by using the titlepage spec file mechanism.  It is described in my
> book:

OK, I have adjusted the "space-before" parameters using the titlepage
spec mechanism like this (example for a refect1 element):

<title font-family="{$title.fontset}"

It works great for refsect1 elements. However, when applying the same
adjustment to the refsynopsisdiv element, it appears not to respond. The
same holds for the refnamediv element, but I can live with that since,
in my case, it is the first element on a page (refentries inducing a
page break).

Any hints for how I can control the space before a refsynopsisdiv element?

Thanks in advance,

Erik Leunissen

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