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Subject: Re: creating cover page using XSL stylesheets version 1.0

Nancy Brandt <nancy_brndt <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi guys,
> Is it possible to create a back coverpage without
> upgrading stylesheets to version 1.73-4 in which the
> empty back coverpage template has been added?
> Thank you in advance!
> Nancy

I have not tried it myself, but you could:

1) Edit fo/division.xsl (where the <book> template is defined
   (at least in 1.73.2). Add the empty back.cover template
   (and front.cover too - why not?).

   Call it at the end of the <book> template:

<xsl:template match="d:book">
  <xsl:call-template name="front.cover"/> <!-- NEW STATEMENT -->

  <xsl:apply-templates select="d:dedication" mode="dedication"/>

  <xsl:call-template name="make.book.tocs"/>

  <xsl:apply-templates select="$content"/>

  <xsl:call-template name="back.cover"/> <!-- NEW STATEMENT -->


<!-- ADD THESE TOO -->
<!-- Placeholder templates -->
<xsl:template name="front.cover"/>
<xsl:template name="back.cover"/>

2) If you can't or won't edit your 1.0 stylesheets, then copy the
   book template to your customisation layer, and make the changes

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