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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] indexterm with zone attribute

Thomas Schraitle wrote:
> Dave, I think you miss a point. :-) The TDG[1] has to say:
>   »Place the indexterm anywhere you like and point to the element
>    that contains the range of text you wish to index with the zone
>    attribute on the indexterm. Note that zone is defined as IDREFS
>    so a single indexterm can point to multiple ranges.«
> The zone attribute is IDREFS (plural),

I was addressing the formatter issues. They are real
Seems like docbook is ahead of the game as usual.

<block xml:id>

2 pages later on
<block xml:id/>

So the second id would need to be that of the following-sibling[1] ?

Makes sense.

</block xml:id='endOfRange'>
Perhaps not ;-)

Thanks Thomas


Dave Pawson

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