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Subject: Re: No template for <XPath-expression> (or any of its leaves)

Bob Stayton <bobs <at> sagehill.net> writes:
John Brown wrote:
> > I wrote:
> >
> > See <xref linkend="modify" xrefstyle="select: quotedtitle nopage"/>,
> > step #<xref linkend="search"/>
> Hi,
> I'm not able to duplicate this problem with that version of the stylesheets 
> and xsltproc.  I get no error message and the output is:
>     See "Modify", step #2
> Are you using a customization layer?  If so, does it work for you without 
> the customization layer?
> Bob Stayton

I gave you the wrong information. I actually have:
<xref linkend="modify" xrefstyle="select: *label* nopage"/>
It works with quotedtitle. Sorry for the noise.

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