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Subject: Re: client side transformation using docbook-xsl

It is related. . .It's the cause. 

I thought it was the call to the document() function in l10n.xsl, but it is 
not. It is the failure to load external entities just as described in the 
article referenced below. 

My thanks to you, Mr. Cavicchio, for providing the timely information. Thanks 
to your information, and two expedient/crude hacks, I have client-side 
transformations working in Firefox 2.x and 3.0.

The hacks:

1. To resolve a Firefox mime-type security error: Renamed the VERSION file to 
VERSION.xsl and updated docbook.xsl where the VERSION file is referenced (in 
an entity parameter declaration) to reflect the name change. On my Debian 
system,  both files are located 
in /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/common/. Prior to this Firefox 
was complaining about the VERSION file missing the '.xsl' extension.

2. To resolve the Firefox failure to load external entities, I did what (I 
think) is an ugly, brute force thing. I simply inserted the contents 
of ../nwalsh/common/en.xml (less the xml version declaration at the top) 
into ../nwalsh/common/l10n.xml in where the '&en' parameter reference used to 

I'll probably replace all of the entity references in l10n.xml with the 
contents of the relevant locale specific xx.xml files in one go (python?) and 
just maintain it that way until something gets fixed. Needless to say, 
client-side transformations using Firefox are a critical requirement for me 
at the moment. And because this particular Firefox bug is alive and well in 
the version 3.0 beta release, I'll probably have to live with it for a while. 
At least it works in Firefox now, just like it "should," I guess.

Thanks again for your swift and accurate response. 

Best regards,

Richard Rosenberg

On Monday 04 August 2008 11:07:06 you wrote:
> Richard Rosenberg [mailto:richrosenberg@earthlink.net] wrote:
> > I am having some trouble with client-side transformation
> > using docbook-xsl via
> > debian etch and apache 2.x. It works great with IE7, but
> > firefox 2.x and 3.0
> > both display only the text (stripped of xml tags). Firefox also gives
> > numerous messages about localization issues. I understand
> > this may be a no-go
> > with firefox for at least two reasons:
> Firefox does not read entities defined as files, perhaps this is
> related?
> See
> http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/web/library/x-ffox2/index.html?ca=
> drs-

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