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Subject: CatalogResolver not found

Hi folks.

I am restarting an old Docbook XSL project of mine with a fresh build 
environment on a new system.  So, naturally, there are bugs. :-)  I believe 
I've managed to work out most of the build system, with one exception that I 
need some advice on.  (I do know that on the previous system where this was 
checked out, the build did work.)

I am using Xalan for my parser, and an ant build manager.  Xalan seems to be 
hooked up properly.  I also have libsaxon installed, as well as 
libxml-commons-resolver version 1.1.  (All are installed via apt on my Ubuntu 
Hardy computer, so they're fairly up to date.)

When I try to run the build script, however, I am getting the following error:

Transformation failed: Failed to load 

While I do have a catalog file, I am not sure it is actually being used the 
way I have the build.xml file configured at present.  However, it doesn't 
seem to matter if I reference it or not.  Even if I remove all references to 
that class or anything like it from the build.xml file, I still get the same 
error.  Of course, I don't know why I should be getting that error since the 
resolver package is available.

Or, alternatively, is there a simpler (Free) build system that also supports 
multi-file output?  That's really the only reason I'm using Xalan, beyond the 
fact that I got it working and have not been interested enough to change it 
until now.

The relevant lines from the build.xml file follow (I can provide the full file 
if needed, but it's rather long and I know most lists hate attachments):


	<property name="resolver.jar" 
	<property name="xi.resolver.class" 
value="com.elharo.xml.xinclude.SAXXIncluder" />
	<property name="catalog.resolver.class" 
value="org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.CatalogResolver" />
	<property name="resolving.reader.class" 
value="org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader" />

	<path id="xslt.processor.classpath">
		<pathelement path="${saxon.jar}" />
		<pathelement path="${resolver.jar}" />
		<pathelement path="${xerces.jar}" />
		<pathelement path="${xincluder.jar}" />
		<pathelement path="."/> <!-- for CatalogManager.properties -->

    <target name="html.tm" depends="init, html.titlepage">
      <java classname="${xslt.processor.class}" fork="yes" failonerror="true">
        <classpath refid="xslt.processor.classpath" />
        <arg line="-x ${resolving.reader.class}"/>
        <arg line="-y ${resolving.reader.class}"/>
        <arg line="-r ${catalog.resolver.class}"/>
        <arg line="-u"/>
        <arg line="${source.dir}/tm/book.xml"/>
        <arg line="${xslHtmlTm}" />
        <arg line="base.dir=${build.dir}/" />


Larry Garfield

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