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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Problem with XInclude

On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 09:53:50AM -0500, Larry Garfield wrote:
> That's fascinating because I've been using 2003 for years, and it
> didn't work unless I did so.  Still, I tried 2001 as well on several
> lines and it didn't make a difference.  Same error.
> (The namespace is defined on the xi:include elements directly.)

That's because a lot of XML processors accept both namespaces. The 2003
xmlns was defined in the last working draft for XInclude.

Michiel "elmuerte" Hendriks             elmuerte@drunksnipers.com
BibTeX to Docbook 5                http://sf.net/projects/bib2db5
xslthl 2.x                          http://sf.net/projects/xslthl

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